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I’ve tried to use gvr plugins placing the gvr listener at the master bus. I’ve followed every steps on the documentation. Sounds great, but when I try to create a group bus with some events that uses gvr source I can’t receive a signal at the group bus.

Anyone knows how to use gvr plugins and group buses in FMOD?

The Google VR Source and Listener effects act like somewhat like a transceiver effect, in that they bypass the normal routing structure of your project. Instead, the signal from the GVR Source effects in your project is sent directly to the GVR Listener effect in your project mixer.

Because of this, events that feature Google VR Source effects on their master tracks do not produce any output, and so cannot be processed using group buses. (It is possible to place the Google VR Listener effect on a group bus instead of the master bus, but such an effect still receives and mixes input from every GVR Listener effect in your project regardless of routing.)

If you want to process the signal of your events, you will have to do it upstream of the GVR Source effects (i.e.: in the events’ audio tracks’ signal chains) or downstream of the GVR Listener effect (i.e.: in the signal chain of the bus that holds the GVR listener effect, or in a bus that that bus routes or sends a signal to.)



That’s a neat solution! I couldn’t figure out by myself. That works!

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Well… I’m sorry, but when I’ve tried I thought it was Ok. But this workaround duplicates the signal, I’ve the signal sent to the return and the signal sent to gvr source. That doesn’t work for me. I’d like to group events with gvr source. There is any documentation from FMOD about how to use it?

Another question: When we’ll be able to use Steam Audio in FMOD?

As I said in the answer above, events that feature Google VR Source effects on their master tracks cannot be processed using a normal group bus routing structure. There is no workaround; This is a limitation imposed by how Google VR processes and spatializes content.

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A note to Fmod support team. Many people like myself are trying to get the workflow straight for VR, Fmod suppose to be one of the 2 middleware of reference.
The is an GREAT LACK of documentation from your part, and we need just a simple pdf with the CLEAR workflow.
As you know the Google GVR Fmod Plugings user Guide has important mistakes in the Soundfiled plugin workflow explanation.

It would be very helpful for your community of users. VR is VERY important… I think it should not take long to make a corrected PDF in YOUR site to explain the workflow of VR with GVR, and other SDKs for that matter(is for your benifit) …

I´m a certified Fmod user, I teach in a local Master´s program, implementation ofsound and music in videogame, and I´m seriously considering going to the competition.
I speak publicly in Spain about the benefits of Fmod, but in VR there´s a lack of docs from your part. Maybe I have not seen them, if I´m mistaken please guide me to the usable sources.

My mail is luisneira@ears2see.com

You’re right that the existing FMOD Studio documentation needs improvement. As it happens, we’re working on a major re-write of the FMOD Studio User Manual right now. In order to get the new manual into your hands faster, we’re going to release it in stages, each of which will add more content not covered by the current manual. Improved documentation of the GoogleVR plugins is currently scheduled for the second such release.

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Incidentally, if you want to contact us via e-mail, it’s best to address your messages to support@fmod.com

Thank you Joseph, I really appreciate your quick response.
Excuse me if the tone of my comment was a bit hot. My concern is real and I use, and believe in Fmod. The timing now is critical and you are already positioned in an advantageous place. If things are very clear now as far as the workflow for VR, it will bring Fmod a lot of new clients.

I will email you directly.

Once again thank you and looking forward to the new manual

I’ve had similar frustrations, Luis. I very much believe in FMOD as a tool, but the best knowledge and techniques are often buried in forum posts (or have to be discovered) rather than being clearly spelled out in the official documentation. It’s wonderful to hear that a re-write is underway.