Volume Controls with GVR

I’m trying to implement volume controls in our game. I have several groups that are on two separate buses : Voices and SFX. I noticed on the mixer that my buses are bypassed for every event that contains a GVR Source component. These events, that of course are in one of the two group managed by the two buses, skip the buses control and go out directly on the master (where the GVR Listener is attached). If i disable the GVR Source component everithing goes as expected and the output pass through the buses before going to the master.

Is this some sort of bug or I’m missing something?

PS: Same thing happens with the 3D Object Spatializer that I use for the PS4 Project.

This isn’t a bug. The GVR Source and Listener plugins are designed to bypass FMOD Studio’s normal routing structure, as they depend on their own unique form of mixing to function.

There is no way to work around this issue.

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