Hang on sound for client-side network mode

I don’t know maybe it’s unreal engine problem but for network game fmod audio component still continue output sounds after carrier projectile was destroyed (problem exits on the client-side only).
UE version 4.24 Fmod 4.24 plugin with some source modification to not crash from this topic Is there a release date for UE4.24 integration?
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create projectile actor with attached FMODAudio component
    Fmod 3d event with sustain point, async and infinity loops, for example, wind effect
  2. Build project (i don’t know how to reproduce it editor mode)
  3. Run server with spawning projectiles
  4. Connect to server
  5. Execute on server to stop spawn projectiles and destroy it all
  6. Go to the place where projectiles fly
    On server side it’s ok, nothing to hear
    On client hear a projectile sound, it’s never be done

Are the projectiles being destroyed on the client side?
If so, how are they being destroyed?

Yes, of course, projectiles were destroyed both on server and client.
Destroy projectile by call SetLifeSpan(1)

It sounds like a replication issue, each server/client will be running it’s own FMOD System which will need to be told when to play and stop events from the server.

Will you investigate it? And if it’s unreal engine problem please report to it issue tracker, i think you have access to it.

I will add this as a task to investigate further but cannot give an ETA for it at this point.
If you are able to provide a reproduction in an empty project, that could speed up the process.

Thx, for now i am unable to reproduce it on clean project, perhaps need to provoke a huge net update at first connect. If i get 100% reproduce at a public solution i will provide it with steps instructions.