UE4 FMOD Replication


I cannot get FMOD to replicate properly. It will only make the sounds for the last client that has connected. When packaged it will switch and only play sounds on the listen server.

I have tried all combinations of playing the sound on server, multicast, specifying clients to play the sound but it doesn’t replicate properly. I have tried enabling component replication as well.

The project has a lot of functional replication working for everything from movement to particle effects and physics but the fmod sounds will not work properly with UE4s replication system.

Is there something special that is required to get the fmod audio component working with replication?

Thank you

Using the blueprint in this picture:

I was able to get replication working fine in a packaged build.

I’m not sure why in the editor you can only hear the last connected players audio only, that is a separate issue we will have to look into.

That about sums up what I have (the server calls a BP multicast, the BP multicasts execute on all clients and the server unlike a c++ multicast).

Thank you for your response. I’ll keep trying and leave another comment if anything changes.

Only hearing the last remaining connected players audio is still an issue. Is there a target fix for this?

I can reproduce this issue and have raised this as a task to be looked into again.