Help needed - project nuked

Dear FMODders, hoping you can help

I lost my game’s FMOD project as it wasn’t where i thought i had it (Documents) when I backed up before a Win10 re-set. With the Studio project I was running, I only ever built a Master bank, which is safe in the game.

Could I somehow keep adding to the Unreal project from a new FMOD Studio project, perhaps building a bank with a different name, on top of the Master bank already in game?

I only have a few more sounds to add to the game, don’t need to alter what’s in there - can replace if needs be, but really don’t want to replace everything… a lot of work :frowning:

Thanks for your help

thankfully i found the Studio project - it was not where I expected haha.

but on further reading, I don’t think it’s possible to build banks from separate FMOD Studio projects, because it’s not really a requirement normally

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