Help with Sustain Point AND Stopping sustain according to parameter

Hi there, please see the screenshot and VIDEO below.

This is for a car booster sound. I have the looping boost sound in as an event with a parameter that goes from 0 - 1. 0 is off, and all through to 1 is on.

I assigned it to the bank and brought it into the “booster total” event.

I then added “Start” and “Stop” sounds for the booster, with a sustain point on the looping booster.

I’m trying to get the Sustain point to stop, and go to the “Booster stop” Sound according to a parameter. But i am really having trouble getting this to work.

Can anyone help please.


What are you trying to achieve exactly? To which parameter with which value would you like your sustain point to react?

Ok, so instead of a sustain point, I now have a loop region going until the booster parameter is at 1.
At which point I want it to jump immediately to the “Stop” sound.

I’ve got it kind of working, but there seems to be a short delay between the loop and the stop sound.
Is there something im missing?

Go back with the sustain point. Put it at the max right (snapped at the beginning of the stop sound). Condition it with parameter on 1, inverted (and no other condition).
By the way, what is your parameter designed for? Does it automate something, else than the stop sound triggering?

thanks for the help, at the moment it only controls the boost on and off.
its just 0 for on, and 1 for off.

but i need it to also control the boost mechanism as it prepares to fire, and also the RPM of the car should max out when the boost is activated.

So, did my solution work as you intended?
To be clear, it should look like this:

Yes, it works alci, thanks so much for your help.

I also had a transition region across the entire loop, in case the player wanted to end the boost as soon as the loop started. But when that happened, it created a small delay between the boost sound and the end sound,

I solved this issue by putting the sustain point at the very start of the looping region.

Really appreciate your help!!!