Interactive Dialogue

Hey guys, I’m trying to do something with my dialogue was wondering if I could get some help -

Basically I have a one shot event that needs to play when triggered by the game, it’s a dialogue event.

But it switchs between 2 different sections or pieces of dialogue, but I don’t want FMOD to continue to play the playhead in the track endlessly if the conditions have only been met to trigger the first section once.

Basically, Im looking for a way to play the section of dialogue, sustain it (I’ve dropped in a sustain marker) then when the parameter reaches a certain value, switch over to the 2nd section of dialogue.

Right now it looks as though playing with the parameter dial can’t trigger the transition region on the track while the playhead is caught by a sustain point marker?

Need some help with this!

As you’ve observed, there is no way to attach a parameter condition to a sustain point.

We recommend using loop regions instead of sustain points in cases like this. You can add parameter conditions to a loop region, which means you can cause the playback position to escape the loop region (and thus reach your transition marker) when your event’s parameter values change.

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