Sustain markers

What do these actually do? The manual explains how to create them but doesn’t explain what they do or how you would use them. Putting them in my track just seems to pause the timeline.


Yes, it might not work so well on the timeline with time-locked sound modules as these will just stop!

You could, however, have a looping sound module on the timeline and put a sustain in the middle of the module. Then in the automation you might fade in (and possibly other effects such as open a filter with automation too) up to the sustain point. After the sustain point you could fade out, possibly close a filter, and so on. In-game when the sound is triggered it will play up to the sustain point, then the programmer would need to trigger the cue to continue past it. I’ve used this to make a jet engine sort of sound inlcuding its startup and shutdown phase, with the sustained looping part in the middle.

Ah, thanks for pointing out this gap in our manual. I’ll mention it to our documentation writer.

martinrobinson’s description is accurate: Sustain points cause the timeline cursor to stop moving until it’s keyed off. Of course, in Studio, just because the cursor stops doesn’t mean the event is paused; Automation and non-timelocked sound modules on both the timeline and elsewhere will continue to function.

Thanks for the info