HI,dear peter,I have a crash on andriod

After I choiced android and building run.My program crash after unity loading UI. And I forbid Fmod,It works. And I use the example “part6_sound” to build,It crash too…

My phone’s android version is 4.1.1

the stack locate in

#00 pc 0006d0d0 /data/data/com.unity3d.player/lib/libfmod.so
#01 lr 81c6e39c /data/data/com.unity3d.player/lib/libfmod.so

Hi Sin,

I haven’t seen that crash before. Could you email support@fmod.org so I can get more details?

Hi Sin,

There was a recently reported crash on Android which has been fixed in the latest version. Can you try with the version 1.02.05 or later and let me know if you are still having issues?