How can i get paramters name included in an event?

i use this code to get event paramter, but i can not get paramter name.

eventParamterArray.forEach(function(paramter_ins) {

it alert an empty str.
i also use dump(), but not found.

Connected to FMOD Studio on ::ffff:
id: "{e04fcfc5-bbd6-4403-93fc-cd4e2dd64d6d}",
entity: "GameParameter",
isValid: true,
relationships: (ManagedRelationshipMap:GameParameter),
properties: (ManagedPropertyMap:GameParameter),
isOfType: <function>,
isOfExactType: <function>,
uiModulationDrawerVisible: undefined,
uiTriggerBehaviorDrawerVisible: undefined,
parameterType: 0,
minimum: 0,
maximum: 100,
enumerationLabels: undefined,
isGlobal: false,
isReadOnly: false,
isHeld: false,
initialValue: 100,
velocity: 0,
seekSpeed: 0,
seekSpeedDescending: 0,
seekSpeedAsymmetric: false,
cursorPosition: 0,
isExposedRecursively: true,
automators: [],
modulators: [],
snapshotProperties: [],
customBindings: null,
automationCurves: [(ManagedObject:AutomationCurve)],
commandSounds: [],
selector: null,
profilerGraphs: [],
presetOwner: (ManagedObject:ParameterPreset),
proxies: [(ManagedObject:ParameterProxy)],
parameterConditions: [],
sandboxParameters: [],
getCursorPosition: <function>,
setCursorPosition: <function>,
addAutomator: <function>,
addModulator: <function>,
dump: <function>,
document: <function>,

i want to get this paramter name “Player_Helath”
i am goal to export a csv file which contains more info.

Is it possiable to get [note] included in an event from script?

Thanks a lot!

Any helps!!!


OKK, Can you give me your QQ number? send me your number in message~


If you retrieve a parameter preset with, for example, var paramPreset = event.getParameterPresets()[0], you can access the parameter’s name by using Retrieving an event’s note is just a matter of accessing event.note.

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