Accessing Parameters in FMOD through a Custom Game Engine


One of my students has recently begun working with a small game development team as an audio director. He was asking about accessing FMOD Event parameters in code. From what he’s explained, the function FMOD::Studio::EventInstance::setParameterValue() requires the string name of the parameter, but he is not seeing a way to provide these parameter names to his team except for simply writing out all of the names by hand and passing the list along. Is there a way that he could get such a list through either the audio code or from onsite the Studio interface? Thanks.


Hi Steve,

You can use Studio::EventInstance::getParameterCount to get the number of parameters and iterate through each with Studio::EventInstance::getParameterByIndex. Finally, use Studio::ParameterInstance::getDescription to get the FMOD_STUDIO_PARAMETER_DESCRIPTION struct, which has a name property (along with the min and max values).

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