How do i change autopitch modulator value using script

Hello i have successfully added “AutopitchModulator” on sound using

var sound = track[0].addSound(event.parameters[0], "SingleSound", 0, 1000);
var autopitchModulator = sound.addModulator("AutopitchModulator", "pitch");

Now I wanted to change value of Root Pitch and Min Pitch value using script, i can’t able to find any ways to add this.

Can you please help on this.


To change those values its:

autopitchModulator.root = X;
autiopitchModulator.pitchAtMinimum = Y;

To see what functions and variables are attached to a ManagedObject like the AutopitchModulator use the .dump() function. It will display all the useful information e.g.

id: "{66e30e67-3a8f-44df-b634-c07ebaff20ab}",
entity: "AutopitchModulator",
isValid: true,
relationships: (ManagedRelationshipMap:AutopitchModulator),
properties: (ManagedPropertyMap:AutopitchModulator),
isOfType: <function>,
isOfExactType: <function>,
uiModulationDrawerVisible: undefined,
uiTriggerBehaviorDrawerVisible: undefined,
nameOfPropertyBeingModulated: "pitch",
root: 0,
pitchAtMinimum: 0,
automators: [],
modulators: [],
snapshotProperties: [],
customBindings: null,
objectBeingModulated: (ManagedObject:SingleSound),
addAutomator: <function>,
addModulator: <function>,
dump: <function>,
document: <function>,

Hope this helps!

Thanks, and dump() function helps a lot.