How do I create .FSB files with FMOD studio

Hi all,

Apologies in advance for the n00b question.

I’m working on audio for a game that use FMOD. It has a drum kit, and I want to change out some of the audio samples.

I don’t have a lot of documentation, so I’m figuring it out from what I have.

There is a file called HipHopKit.fdp which I believe is the FMOD project file. There are also HipHopKit.fev and HipHopKit.fsb. The .fev file is 16kb, the .fsb file is 840kb, so I presume it’s the .fsb that contains the audio. The .fev is referred to in the source code so I am guessing that it’s a pointer to where to go to look for the audio.

I’m using the latest version of FMOD Studio 10503. I’ve used DAWs quite a bit, but I am not a programmer. Working on OSX.

I am able to create a new project, load audio files into the audio bin in FMOD studio, get those audio files into the events window, and assign them to the master bank. I can build the project, but the part I’m missing is how to I generate the .fsb and .fev files that I need for executable?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Sam,

You need to use our older tool FMOD Designer.

FMOD Studio is opening your FDP file, but it is treating it as a legacy format and automatically converting it to our new format. FMOD Studio cannot export FSB/FEV files or save the project as a FDP.

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