*.FEV editing


I Have from one game sound system constructed with fev & fsb file.
I wanted change some sounds but i cant edit FEV file, its only openable in FMOD Event Player.
Somebody can convert it to be able edit that in FMOD Studio?
Why producents dont attach converting option?


http://www.speedyshare.com/nRVhB/Crash- ... sounds.rar

The FEV/FSB are the compiled output for the game, generated from the FDP (FMOD Designer Project) file. You need to locate the FDP used to generate the FEV/FSB and import that FDP into FMOD Studio.

Ok, that i know. But only game dev. have that basic FDP, Ofcourse is posible make manualny new FDP database but its hard and a lot of work.
You guys as Producents FMOD must know how to do that on invert direction (FEV to FDP) 8)

It shouldn’t be necessary to create a new .fdp; Just open the existing one and replace the sound files used in each Sound Def, then rebuild the project and incorporate the new .fev and .fsb into your game.

Could you write it more specifically?
Amateur + not very good english = what’s going on :o

My apologies for being unclear. Here are some step-by-step instructions:

  1. Open FMOD Designer 2010.
  2. Open the .fdp file used to create the .fev and .fsb.
  3. Navigate to the Sound Defs view.
  4. In each sound def, replace the audio files with the new audio files.
  5. Navigate to the Banks view.
  6. Ensure that each audio file is in the correct bank.
  7. Build the project.
  8. Replace the .fev and .fsb files in your game with the newly built ones.

More details on steps 2 through 7 can be found in the FMOD Designer 2010 manual. More details on step 8 can be found in the FMOD Ex Programmer’s API documentation. If you have any questions, please post them on this forum or contact support@fmod.org.

Unfortunately, we dont understand us

I have only two files extracted from game *.FEV and *.FSB thats all.
I dont have *.FDP, that file have or haved only game developers :frowning:

Oh! You’re not a game developer? Sorry, I didn’t realise.

We don’t support editing of built game files by users without access to the .fdp files. This is to discourage potential violation of copyright law. If the game’s copyright holders have given you permission to edit the game’s content, you should ask them to give you the .fdps.

More information on this topic can be found here.