How do I save sounds as .fsb files so I can use them in my Minecraft PE?


I downloaded your application and have been testing with it. The reason for me downloading it is because I want to change the sounds in my Minecraft PE on my iPod Touch 5th gen (iOS 9.3.5). Since Minecraft PE 0.16.2 sound files are in fsb format, it seems this company owns the fsb format? Anyway, I want to change the way the bow sounds; into making it sound like a gun shooting. But, I do not know how to view .fsb files and more over, SAVE fsb files. I am just using FMOD Studio on my MacBook Pro Early 2015 (Mac OS Sierra). Please tell me how to listen to, and save/make fsb files using FMOD Studio.

Does Audacity save files into fsb? If so, how?

There is no way to do the thing you are attempting. The .fsb (or "FMOD Sound Bank) file format is not designed to be edited or viewed by end users.

To begin with, it is a ‘built’ format, meaning that it cannot be opened and edited as you would a document; Rather, you would need access to use original .fdp (“FMOD Designer Project”) file, as well as all the audio files used to create that project, to build new versions of each .fsb file you wanted to replace.

Many game developers do not want end users to have ready access to their audio assets, and do not intentionally make their assets available. To this end, we do not create or distribute tools that could be used to extract the content from .fsb files. In addition, FMOD Designer allows developers to encrypt their bank files; Developers can make use of this feature to prevent .fsb files from being opened with even third-party tools.

Thus, if you want to edit the .fsb files of a game, you must contact that game’s developer and ask them for legal permission, the game’s original audio assets, the Designer project files they used, and any encryption key used for that project.

If you do obtain the permission and files required, you will need to use FMOD Designer, rather than FMOD Studio, to build the new .fsb files. FMOD Studio banks use the newer “.bank” format.

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Hi… I’ve been looking to do the same thing… But I’m trying to create my own .fsb files. Is there any link to download FMOD designer? - All I can find is FMOD API & FMOD Studio…

Any help appreciated! Thanks

FSBankEx is a tool in FMOD Studio API download which can take wavs and create .FSB files.

if you can find a download for FMOD Designer anywhere you can use that to create FSBs too