How do I create Steve Reich-style phasing loops of different lengths with multiple layers in a single event?

I’m on FMOD Studio 1.07.06 on Windows 8.

I’m hoping you can help me solve this creative problem. I’m in a situation where development currently allows me to have one in-game emitter trigger a single event that plays across a level, but that event can have multiple layers.

What I want to do is have (at least) a couple music loops that play indefinitely but eventually drift out of sync due to differing lengths, as described here:

This would end up creating richer, more evolving audio by way of the loops not repeating in sync, the interactions between them resulting in different harmonies and such.

I already have the loop WAV files prepared, exported from Ableton Live (where they play as expected).

In FMOD, it’s easy for me to setup a single loop length for all layers, but I don’t see a way to do do varying loop lengths.

What is the most effective way for me to implement this in FMOD Studio? Is there something straightforward I’m missing, or a trick I can use?

Thank you very much.

This shouldn’t be too difficult to do, given you’ve already got the two WAV loops prepared.

Firstly, drop in the two files onto two group tracks of an event. Click each sound and set them to loop by clicking the “Loop Sound” icon in the deck. This should cause the waveforms to disappear on the trigger regions, indicating that these sounds aren’t time-locked anymore. This allows them to come out of sync with each other. Finally, create a loop region on the logic track and adjust both sounds to fit within the loop.


Thank you very much, and yes I have the two WAV loops prepared. I’ll have to test this soon.