Looping 2 sounds with different lengths at the same time

(Monika) #1

Just a quick question - how can I loop two sounds at the same time in one event if their length is not the same? I want to this so the transition between the end and the beginnig of each loop won’t be so audible as they are not looping perfectly. It’s something very easy to do in UE but I cannot see how I could do this here. The looping region will leave a bit of silence after the shorter loop.

(Joseph Harvey) #2

Is there any reason why you can’t set both sound modules to loop their playlists asynchronously?

(Monika) #3

Hi Joseph, I can now see what I was doing wrong. Thanks for the answer!

(Monika) #4

OK, it seems I found an answer for myself. You make one looping sound and one nested event that contains a looped sound inside. That works fine.
I still don’t know what to do when you have multisound with different length files. I want to trigger one sound right after the multisound but there is a short silence when the sound is shorter. Any ideas?

(Joseph Harvey) #5

Set both sound modules to loop their playlists asynchronously.