Randomize multisound to never play same sound twice in a row?

Just like I ask in my question, how can I achieve this?

I would like all sounds to trigger randomly, but I dont want to hear the same one twice in a row.

Hello Jesse,

Thanks for your question.

This is actually the default behavior of FMOD Studio to not play the same sound twice in a row. However if you turn on the ‚Äúplay percentage‚ÄĚ (by right clicking on a sound in the playlist and choosing ‚ÄúSet Play Percentage‚ÄĚ) then this is turned off and can sometimes play the same sound twice in a row.


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Aha! Okay that makes sense - is there any way to keep the percentage behaviour but not have the clip play twice in a row? Or not at this time?

Unfortunately there is not a way to override the percentage behavior. Due to technical constraints, we have not been able to implement that feature. Sorry for any inconvenience.