How do I Duplicate an event with nested events and parameters and make it independent/self-contained?

I’m looking for how to:

  • Setup an event that has nested events inside, as well as parameter automation.
  • Duplicate that event so that it makes separate copies of those nested events (as well as any nested events inside those, etc.)
  • It also duplicates parameters so they are split-off copies of the originals, and not just referencing the originals.
  • Essentially, the entire duplicate event should be functionally identical to, but completely independent from the source event it’s copied from.

Is there a way to do this?

Context is I want to create templates that don’t rely on earlier events.

Furthermore, it looks like:

  • I create a new event with another event nested inside.
  • I set this event as a Default (good for templating).
  • I create a new event based on that Default.

I see it still references that original nested event and the parameter. Which is desirable in some cases, but in others, I want to separate them, and I don’t see a way to choose.

This is somewhat related to trying to figure out what’s happening with Bug with nested parameters not being editable per-event as expected? - #2 by joseph

This is because you’re using referenced (children) events instead of nested events. You can convert to nested:
Nested events are independent per event.

However, I’m pretty sure it won’t work for duplicating parameters…

Aha! That gets me part of the way there. Thanks for pointing that out.

I’m curious @Alcibiade since you’re nigh familiar with all manner of routing intricacy, if you’re up for it, have you come across anything like this? Bug with nested parameters not being editable per-event as expected? - #2 by joseph

As Alcibiade rightly points out, this is possible if you’re using nested events instead of referenced events.

This will work as long as they’re local parameters. If they are, the new parameters will reference the same preset parameters as the old, but since you want them to be identical to the originals, that’s desirable.