Copying event seems to create shared parameter range


In FMod Studio 2.00.06 I have some car engine events. I create new engine events by copying from the original. However, if I then change the ‘rpm’ parameter range with ‘Edit parameter’, this range is also used by the original event that I copied from.

I do have other events with use the parameter name ‘rpm’ in the project, and there the ‘rpm’ has its own range.

So it seems like a copy-event shares the parameter GUID or such? In some way they are connected. Can I decouple them, so I can have two independent ‘rpm’ ranges for the parameters in independent events?

Yes and no. To achieve this you’ll have to either name your parameters differently, or put them in different folders. You’ll do this in the preset browser window, and then replace the parameter in the event. You also can right-click “replace with duplicate” on the parameter in the event.

Thanks for the tip! I’ll have to read up on the Preset browser.