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Currently, I can created a Nested Event on an Audio track and build a new event in that Nested Event. But what I have yet to find out how I can take an completed existing event, copy it, and paste it as a nested event.

any hints?

Step 1: Open the Event Browser window by selecting “Event Browser” from the “Window” menu.

Step 2: Click and drag an event from the event browser window onto an audio track you can see in an open Event Editor window.

Note that “Nested events” are a particular category of event that can only be referenced from their parent events, and do not show up in the routing browser. You can identify nested events in the events browser, where they are shown under and to the right of their parent events as if the parent events were folders.

Events that aren’t nested events can be referenced from any event.

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Thanks for the reply, did help out one issue about dragging events from the Browser to the Editor…I was trying to to drag from the browser window in the editor, and that doesnt work so well!

I guess for now, the only way to duplicate a nested event to a new event is is to recreate it in the new event.

Incidentally, it is possible to drag from an event editor window’s browser into the Editor if the browser and Editor are in different event editor windows. (We are planning to make it possible to drag events from the browser of an event editor into the Editor of the same window, but there’s a few other improvements we need to get done first.)

@DanGreve It is possible to convert an existing nested event into a referenced event by simply dragging it out of its parent event in the Events browser. From there, you can drag it in to other events as a nested event. You can also copy and paste the event reference sound modules of nested events in order to create a copy of the nested event in the target event, as an alternative to recreating them manually.