How do I pitch-shift an event AND change its duration?

In FMOD Studio, it’s really easy to change the pitch of an event, but the duration remains the same. In old samplers, changing pitch also changes time (no timestretch).

For example, how can I lower an event by a few semitones and also increase its visible length on the timeline, as I can with various DAWs? (Sometimes known as a “classic” mode.)

You’re mistaken; Changing the pitch of an event does change its duration. We don’t indicate it in a traditional way, however. Instead, when the pitch of an event (found in the event macro controls) is changed, the rate at which the timeline cursor moves changes as well.

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Ah! I was looking at the wrong thing (I’m used to events appearing longer in the timeline, the “traditional way”). Thanks for the correction. Need to investigate this deeper. THANK YOU AGAIN, you rock.