How do I retrieve a parameter from a StudioEventEmitter in Unity ?

Hi Guys,

I’m doing this code to set a parameter in unity:

FMODUnity.StudioEventEmitter musicEvent;
var target = GameObject.Find(“MyGameObject”);
musicEvent = target.GetComponent<FMODUnity.StudioEventEmitter>();
musicEvent.SetParameter (“War”, 1.0f);

And it’s working well…

What I want is to retrieve the value of this parameter later on.

For example:

if (MyParameter ==1) {
} else {

Something like:
FMOD.Studio.ParameterInstance myParameter;
myParameter = musicEvent.GetParameter (“War”);

What’s the best way to do this ??

float x = 1f;

musicEvent.SetParameter (“War”, x);

x is the value that you change, so use x.

What I wanted was to avoid using a var just for that. but thanks anyway

You are basically on the money.

Create an event.
Create a parameter instance.
You will need to refer to the parameter by name/string.
Then you can call myParameter.setValue or getValue to change the parameter on the fly. Unfortunately the get function of ParameterInstance doesn’t return a value but outputs it to a given variable.

musicEvent = target.GetComponent<FMODUnity.StudioEventEmitter>();
FMOD.Studio.ParameterInstance myParameter;
myParameter = musicEvent.GetParameter (“War”);

myParameter.getValue(out float);

Hey Cameron, thanks for your reply.
The problem is that GetParameter is not a method of the StudioEventEmitter Object. It’s a method of the EventInstance object. :frowning:

Sorry, the StudioEventEmitter does have Params which returns an array of FMODUnity.ParamRef you can use the same as a ParameterInstance.
For example:

for (int i = 0; i < emitter.Params.Length; i++)
       if (emitter.Params[i].Name == "ParamterName")
           param = emitter.Params[i];
param.Value += 0.1f;