How to set and get an FMOD Studio Event Emitter parameter?

I’ve looked at a previous post from 2016, but this doesn’t look applicable to FMOD 2.01 as there is no GetParameter() among other things.

I have tried using StudioEventEmitter::Params to retrieve the list of parameters and set/get values, but the behaviour is strange. Setting this value appears to set the ‘initial parameter value’ that gets shown in the inspector, but doesn’t change the parameter live on the sound.

If I use StudioEventEmitter::SetParameter(id, value) this appears to work in some cases but not others. I am also at a loss how to debug since I cannot see how to get the current parameter value.

Any ideas where I’m going wrong?

You can access the public EventInstance on a StudioEventEmitter and with that you can call EventInstance::setParameterByID, which is what StudioEventEmitter::SetParameter is doing, and EventInstance::getParameter.

The Params list is only used for setting the initial parameters of an event when it begins playing.

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