How do I trigger an event from another event?

(Sharon) #1

This may be a nob question, apologies if it’s really obvious but I just can’t come around it. I’m trying trigger a layer of music using a sfx event. I tried using snapshot to turn on the music layer in the sfx event but it cuts off after the sfx ends.

I know I can do this using parameter and asking the programmer to trigger it when the sfx play but is there a better way to do this without asking the programer?

Thank you!

(リチャード清水) #2

Hi Sharon,

If you’re trying to trigger an event to play during the playback of another event (ie. trigger when a parameter reaches a value or trigger at a certain time in the event), then you can use event instruments.

Drag the event you wish to trigger from the events browser into the event you wish to trigger it in. You can place the event instrument on the timeline, a parameter sheet, or both.

For more info, check out our documentation:


(Sharon) #3

Hi Richard,

Thanks for the answers, is there a way to not stop the reference event (music layer to keeping looping) when the event (sound effect) is stopped?

(リチャード清水) #4

Hi Sharon,

The referenced event will only play when triggered and if the parent event has stopped then so will the referenced event.

It might be worth having a parent event with both the music and sound effect events as referenced events. This will give you more control over when your events are triggered.