Event immediately stops after trigger

Probably a simple issue from a noobie.
I have few multiinstruments on a parameter sheet (nothing on a timeline) that I want to trigger with different parameter values. BUT, when I play the event, It does not really trigger (or rather stops immediately), so I can’t trigger multiinstruments on a parameter sheet.

Right now I just use a workaround: I make a short loop region on a timeline and then I play the event, so I can everything that’s on parameter sheet, but I feel it is not the way I sould do it.

Any advice?
Many thanks!


This is expected behavior - if the parameter value is such that no instrument is being played when you start the event, and there’s no other content that will play in the future (i.e. on the timeline), then the event is considered to be at its natural end and will stop. If you do want the event to continue to play even when the natural end has been reached, you can set the event to be Persistent using the toggle in the “Event Macros” area in the bottom right hand corner of the Event Editor.

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