Trigger an event when another event played


as title says, i am trying to trigger an event, after another event played. It would be great to set that up in FMOD rather than in Unreal.
So it would be “event A plays” → “event B get information that event A played, and triggers”
I am just not sure about the right approach, thought about command instrument? But am not really knowledgable on this.

Anyone would have a encountered a similar situation? Is it easier to set this up in blueprints?

Why don’t you do the opposite: B nested in A, so when A plays, B is triggered?

Thank you for the suggestion, i am trying it at the moment.
I am not sure this is the solution as i need independant control on both events, and they are placed in at different locations in the game (3D). But lets see how it goes

Indeed, it will spatialize the child event at the parent location. You have to specify the 3D attributes of your B event in the game code, which is not possible with this method.
I guess you can’t point in the code the moment when A event is launched, otherwise the solution would have been easy; am I correct?
If so, the solution could be to set up a callback, so that the game engine is informed when the A event is fired, and then do what you want on event B with the game code. Check the doc about callbacks.

i will check that thank you ::

*about your question; i can and it is possible, it would just be real nice to do it without any code required! But it looks like it is the best solution after all