How does studio.system.start work?

I want to run a .exe through a custom command and pass in some args. When trying:

studio.system.start("absolute path to the .exe", {timeout: 1000})
It throws:
Process failed to start: The system cannot find the file specified. (ErrorCode: 0)

studio.system.start({workingDir: "absolute or relative path to the .exe"}, {timeout: 1000})
same thing

studio.system.start("relative path to the .exe from working dir", {timeout: 1000, workingDir: "c:"})

same thing

studio.system.start("C:/Windows/System32/cmd.exe", {})
→ Process operation time out (ErrorCode: 2)


For your first example, it’s likely that something about your path is causing it to fail. Unfortunately, without seeing the path, I can’t comment on what that is. For example, the following works fine for me:

studio.system.start("C:/Users/MyUsername/AppData/Local/Programs/Microsoft VS Code/Code.exe", {timeout: 1000})

For your second and third examples, workingDir is the directory that the new process/executable will be opened in, not the path from which your pathToExecutable argument operates from. In your second example, you haven’t provided a path to your executable (and timeout should be in {}). In your third example, if your relative path is from the FMOD Studio executable, and not workingdir, it should be fine - my FMOD Studio install directory is:

"C:/Program Files/FMOD SoundSystem/FMOD Studio 2.0x.xx"

so the following command that uses a relative path works:

studio.system.start("../../../Users/MyUsername/AppData/Local/Programs/Microsoft VS Code/Code.exe", {timeout: 1000, workingDir: "C:/"})

If the above hasn’t cleared up your confusion, and/or your paths still don’t work, could I get you to provide your FMOD Studio version?

As for directly running cmd, I have been able to reproduce an issue with it not opening a window, and hanging for a long time when attempting to do so, and I’ve noted this in our internal issue tracker. However, If you specify “/c” in your args, cmd will still execute commands and then terminate. For example, you can indirectly open a cmd window with studio.system.start("cmd", {args: "/c start cmd"}), and the following should write “blahblahblah” to “textFile.txt” in your local user folder (i.e. “C:/Users/YourUsername”):

studio.system.start("cmd.exe", {args: "/c echo blahblahblah >> %UserProfile%/testFile.txt"})

Bit of an info dump, but I hope it helps.

Hi @Louis_FMOD , thanks for the info! Turned out it was a permission issue, after I change the batch script’s output path everything starts working. (Also the cmd workaround is great to know, thx!) I do want to submit a bug on a not related script API call in case other people run into it as well (or maybe it just happens to me locally).

I was trying to make a shortcut for reloading Studio API scripts, doing the following call either from the script or directly typing into the console crashes the Studio Editor.

No problem, it’s good to hear you’ve resolved the issue.

That’s a known bug, and studio.window.actions.ScriptReload has been disabled as of 2.02.13 as a result. Unfortunately there’s no workaround that I can find to directly reload scripts via the Studio Scripting API. However, if you’re just trying to set a keyboard shortcut, you can do so in Edit → Preferences → Shortcuts → Scripts: Reload.

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