How to add multiple parameters for changing the environment ambiance of a footstep?

Let’s say I have a recording of a footstep on concrete. I want it to change when I go into a corridor (with reverb as an effect), in a forest (with a slight low-pass filter), and outside.

The way I thought I’d do this, was by adding labelled parameters to the event of the footstep. However, when I add reverb to the “corridor” parameter for example, and I create another sheet for the second parameter for the “forest” region, the reverb effect will still show up there.

How can I just create a simple way to switch the ambience from one place to another for the same sound? I cant seem to find anything about this anywhere and would appreciate all help.

As you have discovered, parameter sheets have no effect on routing. This is because parameters are tools for triggering instruments and automating properties.

The tool for controlling routing and effects within an event is tracks: Each instrument’s output is routed into the track that contains that instrument, and those outputs are mixed to create a submix. This submix is affected by the effects on that track, and the processed signal is then output to whichever track that track is routed into (usually the master track).

In your case, you want different effects to apply to the signal depending on the circumstances. Create one return track for each set of effects you want to apply to the mix and use automated sends to determine which of those return tracks receives and processes the signal.