How to batch-edit Playlist events to have the same value?

I thought there was a way to do this before, but I’m in FMOD Studio 2.02.19 and for the life of me it isn’t working. Here’s what I’d like to do:

  • Add a Scatterer instrument.
  • Add 100 audio assets into the Scatterer’s Playlist.
  • Select all 100 audio assets and set their properties to be the same. For example, Add Modulation > AHDSR and making them all have a gradual fade-in.

Right now, it looks like I can only change one at a time. Oddly enough, all are highlighted in yellow, but I do NOT see the telltale “pale yellow” highlight that’s otherwise used for mass edits in the UI.

So is there a way to do this, what’s the recommended path?

Or should I do something clever with nesting another instrument? Like:

  • Inside of the Playlist, Add Instrument > Multi Instrument
  • Put 100 audio assets inside of that Multi Instrument with Shuffle on.
  • Instead have the one Multi’s own Volume fade in, so whenever it plays/triggers, it’ll affect the next thing played.

Like this:

As of the time of writing (December of 2023) there is no way to bulk edit a multiselection of playlist entries.

However, as you have observed, nesting your playlist within a multi instrument will allow you to set the properties of that multi instrument, ensuring they are applied to that instrument each time it is selected for playback. We recommend this workflow for cases like yours.

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@joseph Thanks for helping me narrow down possibilities, at least the workaround isn’t too painful, and in fact provides some benefits to adjust some of the container’s properties in one go. (And create multiple nested playlists as-needed.)

Nesting can be so powerful, even it can be a bit tricky to wrap my mind around at times.