Batch changes


I have an event that contains 110 multi-sound modules, the purpose for which is character reactions. Naturally, I can’t create a logic node for 110 events. I have 22 modules on 5 audio tracks.

2 parameters: the first is for the node, to select which module to play; the second is to chose which row/layer/audio track to play.

My question is, can I batch change the trigger conditions? Like in Pro Tools, alt+shift is a “do to all” command. I would like to make all on track 5 to have a value of 0.8-1 (for example) but would prefer not do it manually for 110 items.

Or would separate events be easier?
In hindsight, I should have done it at the start, copied and pasted that multi-sound for each on that row, but now they’re all populated.

Thanks in advance,