How to cut front of sound in editor?

In the DAW I use you can drag the front part of the clip to resize a clip from the front keeping the sound in place but just trimming the front.

FMod studio has similar functionality when you drag from the end of a clip (it trims the sound but the wave stays in place), but when you resize the front the entire wave moves forward in time.

I can get used to any UI design, but i cannot find a way to trim the front of a sound clip other than to add automation to the volume for the track and manually mute the front part. Is there a better way to do this?

I have the same question! And what sound interface do you guys use to do surround sound for monitering?

Same here on 20/04/17 It seems to still not be in FMOD

Hi Ashton,
The left edge trimming feature was first released with FMOD Studio 1.08.00, it is present in all subsequent versions.

Hi Hank and Dai,
Thanks for your interest, coincidentally left-edge trimming for time-locked sounds is a feature that is being implemented as we speak! This should be available in the next major release (1.08) if all goes well.

Until that time, you could use the start offset property of a sound module to offset the start of the audio file within the trigger region.

This property can be modified by a dial found in your module’s deck widget. It sits in the trigger behaviour section, which is hidden by default. Click the white disclosure triangle to show the trigger behaviour controls.