Trim Audio in Fmod Studio?

Hi all,

I’m new to Fmod and I wonder if I can Trim the beginning of an audio files like Wwise do?

And specify a Start and End point in the audio?

And tell him to take the end of the track that not in the loop too start when it’s looping and get the reverb you know, to make a more fluid looping?


FMOD Studio has no destructive editing capabilities at this time, so we generally recommend trimming your audio files in a linear audio editor such as Protools or Live. It is possible to set a sound module to start part of the way through its associated audio file by adjusting the “Start Offset” knob located in the “Seek” section of the module’s Trigger Behaviour Drawer. However, as the effect of this property is always calculated in real time, it consumes some of your game’s resource budget. We therefore recommend that you only use Start Offset if you need the amount of trim to dynamically adjust.

FMOD Studio provides a number of ways of determining when and how a sound ends. I cannot tell you which would be best for your project without knowing exactly what effect you are trying to achieve.

I’m afraid I don’t understand your last question. Are you asking how to use a second audio file to conceal the point at which a looping sound begins again? If so, you can achieve what you want by using a combination of a loop region and a non-timelocked sound module to play the second file.

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Hi Joseph,

Thanks for the answer!

  1. Ok! I miss it but I can do without it!

  2. What I would want to do is for example.
    Same audio track. The track is 6 bar long. My loop region is 4 bar long (bar 2 to

First time I call the audio I want to start at bar 1. Second time (no looping) I want to start at bar 2.
Maybe I can do that with markers rights?

  1. What I want to do here, if we use the example in “2)” is too take the bar 6 and play it at bar 2 when it loops.
    The first time time we play the track (before looping), I don’t want Fmod to play it.
    Bar 6 would be the reverb tail you know.

Here is a picture of what I mean:

But maybe Fmod do it by itself?

I’m not sure what is a non-timelocked sound module?


As explained in our documentation, Timelocked sound modules feature a graphic representation of a waveform, and always play the part of the waveform that corresponds to the part of the waveform graphic overlapped by the cursor. They are therefore very useful for setting up the kind of seeking behaviour you describe in point 2), especially in conjunction with logic markers.

If you place a non-timelocked sound module with the play-to-end behaviour such that it is triggered just before the point at which your event reaches a transition marker or the end point of a loop region, the audio file contained in that sound module will play out to completion even after the transition occurs. This will allow you to achieve the behaviour you describe in point 3).

Point 2) is ok!
Point 3) I understand I transition to an other audio files. But if I want to loop it on himself. I don’t understand.

Can you make a print screen please? I think is simple, just I’m not use to Fmod Studio.