How to get the channel on an EventInstance

Hello guys,

How can I retrieve the channel (not the channel group) of an eventInstance? I want to retrieve that in order to manipulate the pan level of an event at real-time.

Is there any way of combining the lowlevel api with the studio api in order to retrieve the channel? If not, is there any other way around?

Looking forward to the answer.

If your panner is placed on the events master bus then in the lowlevel the panner DSP will be in the event instance channel group’s effect chain.

3D panning in studio events is different to lowlevel channel panning API.

As mentioned before, I know that I can achieve this via the channelGroup. The main problem is once you have two events tied to the same channelGroup (via the studio) and you want just to pan just the first event, not the second one.

Hi Filipe, that’s not how it works. Each instance has its own channelgroup. An event can be made up of many channelgroups, and they are unique every time you create an event instance.