Does FMOD Studio event can't control channel in code directly?

Hi all!

I made 2d / 3d 3ound event in FMOD Studio and play in my codes.

Because sounds was declicked, I want to set ChannelControl::setVolumeRamp() as false.
But when I trying, I can’t get ChannelControl instance from EventInstance and receive error code which is FMOD_ERR_STUDIO_NOT_LOADED.

how to access ChannelControl directly in FMOD Studio EventInstance?
I’ll appriciate any your suggestions.

Are you able to share some of the code you are using?

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Heres are my codes.
EventDescStub is wrapper class of FMOD::Studio::EventDescription, and EventInstanceStub is wrapper class of FMOD::Studio::EventInstance.

FMOD::Studio::EventDescStub* pEventDesc = _GetEvent( “BlablaEventName” );
if( pEventDesc )
FMOD::Studio::EventInstanceStub* pEventInstance = pEventDesc->CreateInstance();
if( pEventInstance && pEventInstance->IsValid() )
pEventInstance->Start(); // Event Sound is created and played well.

    FMOD::ChanngelGroup* pChanngelGroup = pEventInstance->GetChannelGroup();
    if( pChanngelGroup )
         //  But pChannelGroup is always NULL, and FMOD_RESULT value is 
         pChanngelGroup->setVolumeRamp( false );

What’s the exactly meaning “channel group” in FMOD Studio?
( I knowed that in FMod EX, I could set channel in the “FMOD::Sound” Instance. Then, what’s the difference FMOD EX channel vs FMOD Studio ChannelGroup? )

Should I must set groups in FMOD Studio Tools for ramp?

Thanks for your Any suggestions.

An eventInstance’s channelGroup will only be available once the event has finished being created. This can take a little time, but there are a couple ways of doing this.

Have a look at our docs for some more information:

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