How to get the compressed size of an audio file via FMOD Studio Script?


I want to split a big bank into small banks according to the audio file size.
I can get the original file size of an audio file, but what I need is the compress size.
Can you add some APIs to FMOD Studio Script.


I found that there is a folder named ‘fsbcache’, which contains the compressed audio file cache, but I don’t known the connection between the original audio file and the compressed audio file.

That’s an interesting suggestion! I’ll add it to our feature/improvement tracker.

Incidentally, the compressed size figure is obtained by actually compressing the asset in the specified format and measuring the result. This isn’t a problem when dealing with only one file at a time (and is necessary for auditioning with compression in any case), but means that any script that measures the compressed size of every file in your project will take as long to run as building all of those files into banks.

Thank you.