How to return from where we came by using transition region

Let’s say we have two compositions “no-battle” and “battle” music themes. I have transition region to battle theme that trigger every time when we encounter and fight an enemy.
Is it possible to create a transition region that will trigger every time we defeat an enemies and moves us back to no-battle theme at the moment where we were interrupted so music theme will keep on playing smoothly?

Hi Aleksey,

It would be very difficult to do this smoothly from within a single event. It would be a lot simpler to have two separate music events (no-battle and battle) and use setPaused(true) to stop the playback of the no-battle music and setPaused(false) when starting it again.

I would also recommend having a game parameter to control the volume of the master track of the no-battle event, with some seek speed to smoothly ramp in and out.



I will try it! Thank you!!