From battle to defeat/victory stinger

Hi guys, I’m a bit new to FMOD so I’m facing some basic issues, hope you understand and can help :slight_smile:

I have music playing during a battle and, once the character loses/wins, I want the music to stop and jump to the respective stinger. I have created a transition region for each respective stinger, but since I have the stingers ordered in sequence in the timeline, once it plays the first stinger (defeat) then it will play the second one (victory). I assume that I have to align these as two separate tracks, vertically, but not sure how to indicate MOD which one to play, and play only that one, not both at the same time of course.


I guess you want the event to stop after the “defeat” stinger, right?
If so, a way to do that is to put a transition at the end of the stinger, going somewhere after the “victory” stinger, where there’s nothing more to play (for the event to stop).
Also, put some more space between your chunks on the timeline, or you’ll be facing some problems later on…

Thanks a lot, Alicibiade!