Transition back to last position

I have an event with 2 looping music tracks single instrument) I can transition to and from. I Also need to be able to transition to a third single instrument that is shorter and will always return back to the last point playback was in from the other 2 tracks.
The third bit of audio needs to transition back to the music at the same time every time. I also needs to play off the reverb tail of that sound as the transition occurs.

I can easily set this up, however the bit I am missing is getting my transition back to where playback left off. It either always transitions back to the start of the transition event OR if set as async to the same spot each time because the third sound is short.

Hope that makes sense.

I’m not by my computer but just thinking through it, this is what I’d try. It’s a little clunky.

Make a new event with your “third region”. Make it Async. Create a new global labeled parameter with 2 values: “main” and “tangent”. At the end of the region, or downbeat of tail, create a command instrument that will set the new global parameter to “main”.

Back in your main music event, make a magnetic region above your first and second region (are they adjacent?). Make another magnetic region somewhere else in the timeline that’s the exact length as your first and second regions combined. In that empty magnetic region, place a command instrument, across the entire span of the region, that will play that new “third region”/“tangent” event. Transition from that 2nd magnetic region back to the first one when that global parameter sends the “main” value. Transition from the 1st to the 2nd mag with the “tangent” value. Use “relative offset” so that switching between the two magnetic regions will sync to the same relative temporal position of both regions.

Here’s the clunky part (if that wasn’t clunky enough). Place at every beat within the 2nd mag region a Sustain Point. This will hold the relative timeline position while in the “tangent” region. Maybe quantize your mag region transitions to 1/4 note.

I’m probably missing some holes here but it’s a start.

Definitely a worthy feature request to make this a streamlined new feature.

Thanks @magomusica, I think your method could work. I am not sure how i would take care of short fades in this method tho.
I did end up splitting the 3rd ‘theme/sound’ into a new Event. This helped quite a bit.
I am relying on Command Instruments to control fade out/in of the main music event.
In this method I am not starting the music again from where we left, but some duration after that. This works good enough, as the other methods I tried either had the music always starting at the same point or I could not fade that music in/out without making use of mix snapshots that further complicated the goal.

The command instrument sets a parameter sheet I have used to set the master gain on the main music event and I’ve used seek speed to control that fade duration.

Here the intro, themes 1,2 & End are controlled. They also have ‘B’ Layers.

Here the Command instruments set either 1 or 0 on the master bus for the main music event. This way each time ‘Theme_3’ is played, the main music fades out and fades back in at the right point.

As of the time of writing (May of 2024), there’s no easy way to “save” the timeline position you transition from in order to transition back to it later. A clever workaround, such as the one asmagomusic suggestsor the one you landed upon, is the closest thing to a way to achieve this.