How to specify the reverb object dimensions?


I’m using FMOD to create a reverb environment.
This how I create a reverb environment using FMOD:

FMOD::Reverb3D *lReverb;

FMOD_VECTOR lPosition = {0.0f,0.0f,0.0f };
lReverb->set3DAttributes(&lPosition, 30.0f, 50.0f);

m_pSystem->set3DListenerAttributes(0, &m_listenerPos, &m_listenerVel, &m_listenerUp, &m_listenerForward);

I works as when I play the sound I can hear the effect of reverberation. What I figured out that it’s only possible to specify the position of the reverb object, but my question is, is there any way that I can specify the dimensions of it (how big or small it is)?
Any help would be appreciated.


This size of the reverb zone is set using to the second two arguments to Reverb3D::set3DAttributes(). Your example sets a sphere that extends 30m and then fades out until it stops at 50m.

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Thank you Nicholas,
Juts one more question. Is there any way to simulate the absorption of different materials using FMOD? And also does FMOD differentiate between the effects of reflection and diffraction?