How to start Source Loops with the most saving of performance


I’m working on a open world kinda game and I just tought about which starting point I should choose for Source Loop Sound (Windmill, Waterfall, Fire).
Because I didn’t want all the sounds to play in the background while they’re not audible, every FMOD Event Emitter has a Sphere Collider attached as Trigger and the sound plays onTriggerEnter instead of Start.
Is this really better than setting the “Play Event” to Start? Is there a better way to save performance in this case?

If you set the event emitter to play at start then it will start playing immediately from when the scene is loaded. If it is a spatialized event then it will likely be virtualized (muted to save on resources) until you are within audible range but virtualized events still take up a small amount of resources.

Using on entering trigger regions will ensure the event instance is not created until within a certain range which will help with resource management.