Snapshots "snapping" back to the beginning of AHDSR

I need a snapshot to responding properly to frequency playing and stopping, by forwarding or reversing in its current position on its intensity AHDSR. Currently, when the snapshot is stopped and then played again, it starts from the beginning of the envelope. It is quite jarring.

Is there a way to smooth between stopping and playing again?

Have you tried implementing these snapshots through event and driving intensity by a parameter with some slow seek speed? It’s not using AHDSR but should do the trick in your case.

Wouldn’t that require the event to be running at all times?

If I’m understanding your question correctly - you have an AHDSR modulator on the intensity of a snapshot. When you start a snapshot, you want it to ramp up based on the Attack. When you stop, you want it to ramp down based on the Release. Are you asking for in the event of restarting an event that is in the middle of stopping, for the Attack to continue from where the Release has left it?

If that is the case then this is currently unsupported. Stopping an event cannot be interrupted and restarting an event instance will start it from the beginning, discarding any current parameter values and timeline positions.

What I would recommend instead is that you have the snapshot’s intensity automated by a parameter and add a seek speed onto that. This way instead of starting/stopping a snapshot instance, you can simply set the parameter value to 0 or 1 and FMOD Studio will ramp up/down as needed.