Snapshots not respecting intensity AHDSR when stopping event?


we want to use snapshots in FMOD, but we expect them to transition smoothly according to their AHDSRs when playing/stopping the snapshot events.
It transitions correctly when the event is played (intensity fades in as expected), but it stops immediately when we stop it, ignoring the AHDSR curves completely.
We’re using FMOD.Studio.STOP_MODE.ALLOWFADEOUT as we do with regular events.

Is this a known issue, or should we do something else in order to get snapshots to fade out according to their AHDSRs?

We were able to get them to transition correctly if we use automation instead of relying on the AHDSR, but it would be more convenient if the intensity fadeout kicked in when stopping the event.

We tested on FMOD 1.10.08, and after updating to 1.10.14 it still has the same behavior.


Can someone from dev team answer this?


Hey Susie,

This is the expected behaviour. The AHDSR on instruments (even snapshot instruments) only applies when triggered and untriggered. When stopping an event, you aren’t untriggering any of the instruments.

It does sound like a good idea so we’ve added it to our tracking system to look at for a future release.