How to use more than one Fmod bank in Unity?

Unity 5.5.2p2 + FMod 1.09.something (latest version as of today)

How do you use more than one FMod audio bank in Unity?

I’ve got two separate FMod Studio projects with two different car/boat engines. I can build both banks into two different folders in Unity but Unity only appears to see one of them (presumably the one in the path set in Unity->FMod->Edit Settings, but I’m not entirely sure), so I can’t set engine A on event A from bank A with the other engine B on event B in bank B. The event browser only shows “the bank” rather than all the banks that exist in the project (now two, before it was just one). Anyone know how to do this?

If FMod Studio made any sense I could just add the event or bank or whatever it needs from one project into the other, but I haven’t been able to find out how to do that either.

Studio does not support mixing banks from different projects or using multiple projects in one game.
Instead, the idea is to have a single project per game, which may define multiple banks.