I have a real problem trying to fix a project by someone who has passed away

We have a friend that recorded aircraft sounds from real aircraft for a known game, it was very costly. The problem is, some files within the bank files have a couple errors that need to be fixed. The bigger problem is, that person has passed away and we cannot get access to his original project files, we only have the .bank files he submitted. He passed before he could fix the errors.

Is there ANY way we can get access to the bank files so that we can make those changes in FMOD. I’m new to FMOD so if it’s obvious I can’t seem to find the answer.

This was a major project that had added huge improvements to the sim/game, but now we can’t use them until some sounds are corrected. The loss of this project was devastating to the community who was anxiously waiting.

Thanks in advance for any help.


I am really sorry about your situation, unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to edit the events inside a bank.

I am sorry I can’t assist further.