Add tracks to existing project

Hi everybody!

We’re using a very expensive visualization tool with an adaptive soundtrack feature in the museum I work for. Unfortunetely, the company that produced that tool went bankrupt before they could publish a tutorial how to customize the adaptive soundtrack (they mentioned in the documentation that the tutorial will be published soon).

So now there is this really cool adaptive soundtrack that I’d love to use for a new presentation format that would require a different, additional set of sounds. Is it possible to replace one of the .bank files with one I would create with FMOD? I can see that in the GUIDs.txt file there is a list of not only the .bank files but also of all of the tracks. Based on what I have read in this forum so far, there is no way to add a new GUID to an existing project - did I understand this correctly?

I would appreciate your help with this greatly as we spent a very large sum of money on this tool and can’t afford to buy a new one. It would be really great if we could find a way to slightly adapt the existing adaptive soundtrack with your help.

Do you mean the tool you’re using internally uses FMOD for the sound part?

Thank you for replyling! As far as I understand, the adaptive soundtrack was created with FMOD. There is a folder called “AdaptiveSoundtrackPack1” (meaning there were other packs in the works, probably customizable versions) with four .bank files and a GUIDs.txt file.

Here’s a screenshot:

What I’d like to do is not alter the whole thing but add additional music files if that is at all possible.

But do you have the FMOD source project? It should look like a .fspro file and a few folders.

I’m afraid that is nowhere to be found. I don’t think the devs included it…

I’m not sure to understand. How is the content created to be used with the visualization tool related to the company producing this software? The FMOD project is the content, not the software itself. Can’t you just contact the composer which made the sound implementation to have access to the FMOD source files?

They integrated the adaptive soundtrack with a certain number of audio tracks into the visualization tool. I’d love to add some additional files to the existing adaptive soundtrack. However, I cannot contact the composer/programmers in order to request the source file because the company who produced the whole thing went bankrupt and whoever created the adaptive soundtrack is not available anymore.
After some research I have learned that a .bank file cannot be opened in FMOD Studio in order to be edited but I hoped that maybe there is a workaround to add music files to the existing adaptive soundtrack. Maybe by adding a .bank file or replacing the “” file with one that contains additional tracks? :thinking:

I’m afraid I’m not familiar with how FMOD Studio works yet as I wanted to find out whether what I’m trying to do is possible at all before I invest a lot of time/money.

I doubt you could add events to an already built FMOD bank. But you could try to recreate a new FMOD project from scratch, which would interface correctly with the visualization tool. If you keep all the naming conventions used in the previous project, which you can probably get from the GUIDs.txt file, that could work. Would it be to much work?

I could give that a try. However, I don’t know if the tool needs those exact GUIDs, which would likely change if I create a new project, wouldn’t they?
Do you know if the GUIDs.txt file serves a purpose apart from giving an overview?

That’s usually not the case on small projects: it’s easier to just use names. The GUIDs file is auto-generated, and is often a way to simply communicate the names (of the events, parameters, snapshots, etc…).

Also, be sure to use the correct version of FMOD. I don’t know if that can be found on the bank file. Maybe the FMOD staff could help. If that’s not possible, use the probable creation date to find the most appropriate FMOD version. When has your tool been created? And what’s the bank files creation date?

Email us at and we’ll see what we can do.

The creation dates of the banks is 12.6.2018.
Thank you very much for your very useful tips and your time - I appreciate it :grinning:

Thank you, Andrew - I will very gladly do that! :+1: