Implementing FMOD Studio API on Andriod

Hey there! I have a really neat sound bank set up in Studio, and now I want to implement it in a rudimentary Andriod app.

So I looked at the documentation (yes, the Android-specific startup guide) and used Andriod Studio to import the fmod.jar. That seemed to work, except…I can’t seem to find the studio object, or any other class mentioned in the documentation. All I see is org.fmod.FMOD and two others. Did I skip a step? Is there some other asset that needs to be imported before I can get to the good stuff?


We are planning to add an Android Studio example to our API download, although I’m not certain on a time frame for that.

In the meantime you can grab an example here:

You can unzip that on top of the unzipped FMOD Android API and then you will find a new “android_studio” folder in the studio examples which has an android studio project in it.