Implementing in UE4

I wonder if there is a way to implement music like this:
I have some loop regions. When character enters loop 2, loop 1 still plays until it ends, then loop 2 begins??

Hello Maciej,

If you wish for loop 1 to finish playing before loop 2 begins, then you need to add a condition to the Loop Region to keep looping until a certain value is met. Once this value is met, it will finish playing that loop before moving onto the next Sound (ie. loop 2).

You can read up more on conditional looping and adaptive music here:

If you are wanting loop 1 to fade out when loop 2 starts, you will need to set up a Game Parameter and some volume automation. When the player enters a new area the Game Parameter value will change to match that area (for example, loop2 = 2), the volume for loop 1 will drop off and the volume for loop 2 will increase.

To see this in action, please check out the “Random Layered” Event in the Examples project bundled with FMOD Studio (Music > Basic > Random Layered).

An alternate way is for all the looping music to be placed in the Game Parameter tab and be triggered with certain values (eg. loop2=2), however to put AHDSR modulation onto each of the Single/Multi Sound’s volumes to ensure they smoothly fade out.

Thanks, This is very helpfull
It was very easy:)

I have one last question :slight_smile: What about cutscene. I have Lopp 1 that is playing and then in certain place cutscene will apear. Cutscene will have another audio that should still play after cutscene will end .
In Fmod i will set parametr and crossfadeing between two music parts but what about ue4, which blueprints components?

I found answer: just one triger box- “OnActorBeing Overlap” 1st loop fade out, second fade in. Cutscene doesnt change anythig