Loop Regions and Programmer Sounds

I am trying to play a looping segment of a song in our game’s menu, as a preview of the sound. The song is loaded via createSound() and played on an a UFmodAudioComponent. However when I play the event in-game, it does not respect the volume parameter or loop region on the timeline. Is there something I am setting up incorrectly here, or is this not supported with programmer sounds?

What version of UE and FMOD are you using? I’ve tested with the latest FMOD version in UE4.27 and automation/looping is working correctly on programmer sounds. Does it work with the other programmer sound approaches?

We’re using UE 4.27.1 and FMOD 4.02.03. We haven’t tried the other programmer sound approaches as they wouldn’t work with the current setup we have (both shipping and user-imported audio tracks)

Just double checking that FMOD version number, is that 2.02.03 or 2.02.04 you are using?

Just checked, and it is 2.02.03

My suspicion is that the sound file is playing by itself and not through the Programmer Instrument. Are other non-automation things having any effect? e.g Muting the event in FMOD and rebuilding the banks, adding distortion effects etc.
If you attach the Profiler does the event look like it’s outputting audio?
Can you please share a code snippet of how you are setting your programmer sound?

I was able to find the issue - there was a call to SetEvent on that audio component called elsewhere in code that was setting it to use the incorrect event.

Thank you for the help and sorry for wasting your time!

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