Initializing time


I’m using unity 4.6.3 Pro, and after I started using FMOD, initializing time on old android devices had increased significantly (up to 10 seconds). Can this be related to the size of the banks (4.4MB and 1.3MB) and if so, how I can resolve this issue? If all the banks are being loaded during the initialization of the FMOD, is it possible to load only certain banks dynamically when they are needed?

Thanks, Alexander.

Please specify the following:

  • Integration 2 or Legacy Integration
  • Integration version

Integration version: 1.07.01
and what is Legacy Integration?

The loading strategy of the Legacy Integration (in 1.07.02 we introduced a completely rewritten integration however we still ship the old one with updated fmod libs every release) is to open all Banks upfront and load the Event information. No sample data is loaded at this time, so compression format and streaming settings don’t have an affect on this. You can rewrite the scripts in the legacy integration if you wish.

By default the new integration does this as well, but it has more flexibility so it’s very easy (no scripting required) to switch to a fine grained loading strategy.